Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo Flooring Beaumont, TX

Bamboo is a grass that has been used for centuries in Asia for tools, furniture, food, and more. Bamboo flooring is relatively new to the market, but it is growing in popularity due to its unique appearance, resilience, and low impact on the environment.

Bamboo has unique grain patterns that can be used in a variety of settings, either formal or casual. Bamboo is available in many different finishes, making it practical for use in many different design applications. It is available in 3-ply construction, which is similar to solid hardwood flooring, or as engineered hardwood, in which a top layer of bamboo is pressed on top of multiple cross-layers of other materials.

Since bamboo grows in tropical environments it is more tolerant of variations in temperature and humidity. Bamboo expands and contracts 50% less than other hardwoods, making it ideal for areas of the home that are exposed to moisture, however it is not moisture-proof and is not the best option for use in bathrooms or basements.

One of the large appeals of bamboo is that it is extremely environmentally friendly. Bamboo is harvested at the plant’s maturity when it is 3-5 years old. Traditional hardwood trees are harvested when the plant is 50-100 years old. Bamboo’s large, intricate root systems also allow bamboo shoots to grow back after they have been harvested, as opposed to traditional hardwood trees that die after harvesting. This makes bamboo an extremely renewable resource compared to other hardwoods.

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