• Jul 29, 2014
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Home Design Inspiration: 5 Fabulous Front Door Styles

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The front door is an important piece to a home. Not only does it play a huge role in curb appeal, it also sets the tone for the rest of the house. Whether you prefer formal, trendy, traditional or coastal style, this guide to finding the right door will help you. Here is some inspiration on beautiful front doors to get you on your way to finding your front door style.


beautiful front doors

Photos from  Doors by Decora Doors by Design & La Puerta Originals 

If you love large, overarching ledges and intricate design, formal front doors are right for you. Iron, brick and dark wood are commonly used for a formal entrance. Pillars and a grand staircase are often featured as part of an elegant front door style as well.

Bold & Bright

beautiful front doors

A little bit more on the edgy side, bright colored doors scream trendy and cute. A bright, bold color paired with simple plants and a white backdrop make for a memorable, style-enhanced front door. If you're not afraid to take a risk - go for it! Everyone will be wishing they did the same.


beautiful front doors

Photos from Classic Colonial  & The Curious Bumble Bee 

Classic and timeless, the colonial front door style is one trend that will never end. Faded colors and worn details work well in an entrance such as this. Barn doors with wide wood panels and white washed wooden features make for a perfect colonial front door.

City Style

beautiful front doors

Far Left- photo from Zillow

A bit more unique and contemporary, city style front doors range from bold colors to washed out shades. Brick buildings are the usual backdrop for a city apartment door, so dressing it up with plant or two can make a big difference.

Beach House

beautiful front doors

Left Photo from My Home Ideas 

A beach house front door is a bit different than any other front door. These are the doors that allow for pastels or eye-catching colors. Similar to nautical home design, beach house front doors should use white to color block and create the desired look.

For more front door inspiration, visit our Curb Appeal Pinterest Board.



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