grout Beaumont, TX

So you’ve made the decision to purchase new tile flooring. Tile is a durable flooring option that will last a lifetime and improve the value of your home. Many people have an idea of what type and color tile they want early in the shopping process, but many people don’t think about the color of the grout.

What is Grout?

Grout is the visible material between tiles that fills the joints and supports the tile. Grout is available in different types and colors and can be coordinated with the color tile that you select. Grout can be used to add depth to a room, transition seamlessly from one room to another, and change the character of a room.

Using a dark grout on a light tile or light grout on dark tile can emphasize the geometric pattern of your tile. The contrast in color acts as a frame to the tile. This can be best utilized where tile is patterned in an interesting or complex layout.

Using a grout color that closely matches the tile makes the grout less-prominent and will bring attention to the tile. Light on light or dark on dark can produce a stunning look that can make a room appear larger. Matching color will also hide flaws in the tile.

Using a gray-colored grout on neutral tile will wear well. Neutral grout colors are less likely to show dirt and fading.

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