Home Design Trends Beaumont, TX

There are several flooring trends to give you design inspiration for a new home, or to update your current home. Adding trendy flooring increases the value of your home, which is one of the largest purchases you will ever make and therefore your biggest investment.

Earth Tones

Earth tones include warm and neutral colors that work well with any type of home décor that you choose. You can include shades of brown and shades of gray in coordination with each other for a soothing room.  You can choose from luxury vinyl tile, wooden flooring or tile flooring in many shades of warm earth tones. Gray wooden flooring is rising in popularity to make it a great choice to add to your flooring needs.

White Flooring

The lightest and brightest shades of white bring brighten up a room while making it appear larger. Shades of white work well in a smaller room, such as a bathroom or breakfast nook to make it appear larger. Living areas adorned with light colored flooring brighten the area even if it has few windows to allow natural light into your home. If you aren’t a fan of a bright white, there are many options to choose from in light shades in all types of flooring including marble, tile, and vinyl in stain resistant materials to keep your shiny flooring in good shape for many years to come.

Dark and Rich

Dark, deep and rich tones have been associated with the upper class homes and royalty for centuries. In comparison to woodwork, the darker woods are much more expensive than the light pines and tend to have astonishing patterns within them. It is the same with flooring in darker colors. Dark chocolate, mahogany and charcoal tones add a depth and style to a room. Pair your tile flooring in the dark color with a contrast of furniture in a lighter shade for a stunning room every time you enter it.

Distressed Décor

Homeowner’s love the distressed décor for its timeless beauty that appears as if has been in place for centuries. Use of distressed wooden flooring in a room allows you to have maximum freedom in design inspiration. You won’t need to rush out and purchase distressed area rugs, furniture or room furnishings, but instead can keep your room furnishings to accent the distressed flooring.

No matter which of the color trends suits your style, the addition of new flooring will change your view of your home, update it and make it more valuable.