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Laminate Flooring

Laminate in Beaumont, TX

laminate-flooring-beaumont-txWho should install laminate flooring in their homes?  Anyone.  Laminate flooring has at least two great advantages over traditional hardwood flooring, 1.  It doesn’t cost as much as solid wood costs, and 2.  Part of laminate flooring is made from wood and pulp that wouldn’t “make the cut” for the material used in solid wood floors, so laminate is eco-friendly by using more of the tree. 

The materials and processes used in laminate floors are so good that most people won’t notice that the oak floor you have installed is really laminate.  These floors are made from multiple layers of material that help make them last as long a hard woods, and they are also constructed to resist stains and scuffing.  Some homeowners prefer the wear and durability of laminate over wood floors.

The materials used in the construction of these laminate floors include a core layer that supports the rest of the floor and makes the floor durable and capable of handling foot traffic--whether from man or beast.  There is also a base layer that makes the floor stable, and this layer also helps keep moisture and allergens from the floor.

In the past decade the technology used to make laminate floors has improved dramatically.  Not only do these floors look like “regular” wood, but they feel the same too.  If you run your hand along the top of the wood without looking at the side, you probably won’t be able to tell if you’re touching wood, or touch laminate. 

Some of these laminate floors will even need to be cared for the same way as hard wood floors.  If they are not managed like wood floors, they may warp or bow if moisture gets into the planking.  Now that’s some realistic laminate!

Another benefit of using laminate flooring is that it can be installed in different ways.  It can be glued to the sub-strait, or there are materials that can be clicked into place—locking the pieces of laminate together.

 Before you decide that a solid floors are too expensive, or that laminate flooring just doesn’t look real, stop by one of our show rooms and see for yourself.  It is nearly impossible to tell the difference between solid wood and laminate just by looking or feeling the surface.  Technology has come a long way, and the consumer is the winner of these advances.