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Pet Friendly Flooring Options Beaumont, TX

If you have a beloved pet underfoot, you may think your flooring options are limited to cold, hard surfaces or boring vinyl. Today, it just isn't so.

If it's been a while since you've shopped for flooring, you will be surprised by the latest options in vinyl tile, now available in colors and patterns that are imaginative and trendy. Do you adore the look of wood planks? Would you rather mimic the look of expensive natural stone? Does a graphic, artistic burst of color make your heart sing? With modern, durable, easy to install vinyl tile, simply choose your favorite and go for it!

The best thing about today's flooring options is that many are supremely pet friendly. If you're concerned about the daily routine of mopping up after messy eaters, the effects of muddy paws, or the problems of fur balls and flying dog hair, don't worry. Modern flooring even makes cleaning up occasional accidents a "no-problem" situation.

Good to Look At and Easy to Care For

The most practical advice, if there are children and pets in the household, is to pick a flooring that will resist the wear and tear (literally) of constant activity and hard use. That includes scraping and rips caused by toenails and toys, stains and spills of food and drink, "accidents," and the constant shedding of long-haired cats and dogs. 

You must also be concerned about your ability to sweep, mop, sanitize and shine those floors, to eliminate odors and to minimize the effects of sand, mud or tracked-in grass and leaves.

It's a big job -- for both you and your flooring.

Luckily there are a number of flooring options that are up to the task. Look for sustainable bamboo, laminate, vinyl tile and carpet squares as some of the best choices. Any flooring that allows you to remove and replace smaller areas, such as a single tile or plank, is extremely practical. Even engineered wood is an option.

Simply purchase a few extra squares or lengths of flooring, keep them in reserve, and you'll have no worries down the road, even if Fido, Fifi or your five-year old wreaks havoc with your beautiful floor!

When you need advice about pet friendly flooring, just ask. We'll be happy to show you what's available.