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Carpet in Beaumont, TX

We long for a stylish home, but often our lives have other plans. But don’t worry. Whether you want soft, luxurious carpet or carpet that can stand up to the test of children, pets, and accidents, our carpet collection has something just for you. At Beaumont Carpet One Floor & Home in Beaumont, we have one of the area's best selections of carpets, and we also offer premium services to ensure you're totally satisfied with the finished product.


What Type of Carpet Is Right For Me?


The best type of carpet depends on your style and performance needs. Will you need something that's stain-resistant? What will carpet care be like? Once you answer these questions, you'll certainly be able to make the perfect choice.


Every type of carpet functions differently. This can make a difference when it comes to how it performs.


  • Cut pile carpet is constructed by attaching the fiber to the carpet backing and then cutting the top of the fibers. What is left exposed is what you would typically feel underfoot. Cut loop carpet can differ in height and length.


  • Loop pile carpet is when fibers are looped and then attached to the backing. The benefit of loop pile carpet is that it looks unique and comes in many styles. Loop pile is also available in different heights, with a high pile being the most luxurious.


  • Cut loop carpet is both cut pile and loop pile carpet on one backing. Cut loop is different because it can come in styles that differ from both cut or loop piles.


Additionally, your new carpet is comprised of individual fibers. Carpet fibers can be either synthetic or natural in origin.


  • Nylon is one of the most popular carpet fibers available. It is durable and resilient, meaning it will last long in busy homes or areas with high traffic.


  • Polyester is another well-known carpet fiber. It is more cost-effective than nylon as well as durable, though not as durable as nylon.


  • Olefin is a synthetic fiber that is best suited for low-traffic spaces. It’s soft and visually appealing, though it’s not recommended for areas like hallways or staircase.


  • Wool is a hypo-allergenic, natural fiber. While it can require more maintenance, it is also a top option if you prefer to stick with natural products


Carpet to Combat Household Stains


A property manager or busy mom’s dream, stain-resistant carpet comes in your favorite colors, styles, and patterns. Whether you prefer a muted, classic look, or something bold and contemporary, there are many unique options. All of them can be counted on to withstand your more challenging days. Stain-resistant carpets are equipped with individually coated fibers that block stain-offenders in their tracks. Therefore, spills of all sizes can be entirely removed, often using nothing more than a clean towel and a splash of water.


Stain-resistant carpeting is designed for installation in each of your favorite rooms: living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, stairs, and even children’s playrooms. Our carpeting inventory is rife with innovative and stylish options, including commercial-grade carpets.


What To Know About Carpet Installation?


Ideal areas for carpet installation are low traffic, moisture-free rooms. Living rooms and bedrooms are popular rooms for carpet because people like the comfort they feel in these rooms. If you purchase stain-resistant carpets, they can be installed in high traffic areas like stairs, hallways, and playrooms. The most durable carpets can be installed anywhere in your home except for bathrooms and kitchens, due to the moisture levels.


We recommend durable carpets especially for accident-prone households and even those who don’t tend to have a lot of accidents. There is no telling when an accident will happen, so preparing for the worst is a good rule of thumb when it comes to carpet.



Choose Professional Carpet Installation


A professional carpet installation is always best, for good reasons. Namely, the average homeowner usually doesn’t have the experience, skills, time, or tools to ensure the process goes smoothly. In addition, many product warranties require professional installation as a coverage of coverage. Don’t worry: no job is too big or too small for our incredible installation team.


Consider a Custom Area RugCustomize your space to suit your style and needs. It’s easy with our 100% custom area rugs. We can also custom-fit your stairway with carpeted stair runners, taking every project from contemplation to perfect completion.



Browse Our Carpet Selection


One of carpet's most significant advantages is its versatility. You can choose from so many different brands, colors, patterns, designs, and types, so nothing is really considered off limits when you select carpet. Whether you want to learn more about carpet styles or carpet installation, we're happy to help. Please browse through our website to see what we have to offer!




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Carpet Warranties

We have exclusive warranties with many of our high-quality carpets.

We're happy to offer you peace of mind.