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 Tile flooring modern furniture.

Tile in Beaumont, TX


Tile in Beaumont, TX

Tile is the world’s favorite way to floor, making a strong style statement indoors and outdoors. The perfect addition to floors and walls, tile is readily customized to reflect your style and needs.

Beaumont Carpet One Floor & Home is here for all your tile needs. We carry a wide range of tile options, including wall tile and outdoor tile. Our tile inventory spans the best tile brands, including:


  • Happy Floors
  • Marazzi
  • Unique Building Concepts
  • Interceramic
  • Florida Tile

Types of Tiles

Ceramic, stone, and porcelain are the most popular tile options and are very versatile.

  • Ceramic tiles are the most common tile choice. It’s used for flooring, walls, and backsplashes. With a wide variety of shapes, patterns, sizes, and textures, design possibilities are endless. Ceramic is water resistant, so spills and kitchen messes stay on the surface and are easy to clean. They’re heat resistant, keeping them safe and comfortable. A glossy layer can be added to provide extra shine and additional protection. However, glossed tiles may not be recommended for areas with high foot traffic since they tend to be more slippery.


  • Porcelain tile is denser and doesn’t absorb moisture. It can tackle heavy workloads like large appliances and foot traffic. Porcelain is ideal for kitchens & baths since it’s durable, easy to clean, and available in a variety of styles and colors. Porcelain is a great option for surrounding a pool area, creating patio steps, and for walkways. With the variety of designs available, you can create your perfect space.


  • Stone is a natural option we offer and is incredibly unique. Each slab is quarried from different locations, so no two tiles will look the same. Materials like granite and marble are common for stone tiles, though other options exist. Stone can be expensive since large pieces of authentic stone tile are harder to come by than fabricated options.


Tile That Looks Like Wood

Offering everything you need for the bathroom, kitchen, or finished basement, wood-look tile is beautiful resilience at its very finest. While it has all the grains and textures inherent in wood, make no mistake: this tile is made of durable and easy-to-care-for ceramics and porcelain.


Wood-look tile calls on the latest digital printing technologies to create realistic wood-like tiles and planks that fare fine amidst climate extremes, moisture, and heavy traffic.

Where Can I Use Tile?

Depending on the room you plan to install tile in can determine the type of tile you need.


If you want to tile in an entryway, consider something that is dense and compatible with frequent foot traffic, while waterproof options are best for any type of kitchen or bathroom setting.


Wall tiles and floor tiles are categorized differently. That means floor tiles can only be installed on floors, but there are rare exceptions. Wall tiles can only be installed on walls, with no exceptions since wall tiles aren’t rated for foot traffic. Tile is a compelling addition to your shower area.


Planning Your Tile Installation


Tile is a time-consuming and precise installation project, but we collaborate with teams of skilled installers capable of any and every project. We’ll partner with you to choose the right grouts and glazes, so the result is exactly what you had in mind.

Are you wondering what the tile installation process is like?

  • First, you’ll choose the tiles you want from our impressive selection.
  • We will order the product.
  • We then schedule your installation, and when the product comes in, we’ll get it ready to go.
  • On the day of installation, you’ll remove your furniture from the area.
  • We remove old flooring, clean the subfloor, and make sure it’s level.
  • We then lay the tile with mortar, and then wait for it to dry.
  • After that, we grout the tile.
  • After the drying time is up, we will clean the floors, and then you may put your furniture back.

Explore Our Tile Collection

Beaumont Carpet One Floor & Home is a proud member of North America’s favorite independent flooring cooperative. We proudly serve clients throughout Jefferson County and Southeastern Texas. Please visit us soon at 6690 Eastex Freeway in Beaumont, TX to learn more about tile or shop tile online today.


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Caring for Tile

Tile is the easiest floor to care for and clean.

Tile is a durable product, and easy to clean.

Simply regularly sweep or vacuum the surface to

prevent the accumulation of dust and dirt.